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What are the new features of Arlo Ultra video camera?

Arlo Ultra is a totally wire-free electronic camera with a lot more functions than existing Arlo wire-free video cameras. Here are some main features and in the following we have mentioned other main features of Arlo Ultra camera.

  • 4K video resolution with high dynamic range (HDR).
  • Auto Zoom and Tracking.
  • Color night vision.
  • 180-degree field of view.
  • An incorporated spotlight.
  • Double microphones for two-way audio.
  • An innovative SmartHub.
  • A brand-new, magnetic installing solution.
  • Magnetic charging.
  • A modular style.
  • Improved motion detection and activity zones.
  • An integrated wise siren.
  • An one-year Arlo Smart subscription.

4K Video Resolution with HDR Mode

Arlo Ultra is the first Arlo cam that tapes 4K video. With 4K, you can record higher-quality videos, allowing you to see a clearer image with higher information.

Arlo Ultra also utilizes high vibrant variety (HDR) thats is why you can still see plainly in high-contrast settings. The cam instantly determines and changes IQ settings based upon the external environment to guarantee that image quality keeps in shadows or brilliant lighting.

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Zoom and Tracking The Object

Its Tracking enables boosted focus on moving objects with increased clearness and information. When Arlo Ultra identifies motion that time it zooms in and tracks the movement while the things is within Arlo Ultra’s field of view.

With 4K image capability, video and image detail stay clear even when zoomed in.

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Features of Arlo Ultra:  Night Vision

Color night vision on Arlo Ultra allows you to see night-time activity in color and with better quality.It gives you more clear  image then previous versions and it shows perfect video to you without putting a flash light on object.

180-Degree  Angle

Arlo Ultra has a 180-degree viewing angle with auto image correction that, when activated, decreases the fisheye effect. You can adjust the field of vision on Arlo Ultra to 180, 155, or 120-degrees field of vision.

To offer a better viewing angle and 4K video recording, Arlo Ultra uses an improved image sensor, brand-new lens, and new streaming architecture.

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Features of Arlo Ultra: Inbuilt Spotlight

Arlo Ultra comes equipped with a built-in spotlight that triggers when movement is identified within Arlo Ultra’s field of view. The spotlight can likewise be activated manually within the electronic camera’s live stream menu on the Arlo app.

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Double Microphones

Dual microphonesis a new Features of Arlo Ultra and it gives crystal clear two-way audio for remote discussions. Arlo Ultra uses beamforming spatial filtering to lower sound and wind interference and hone-in on a specific source of audio.

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Updated SmartHub

The new Arlo SmartHub deals with other clever house gadgets for simplified combination.

SmartHub functions:

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band WiFi for faster unload and greater information throughput.
A microSD card slot for regional storage of streaming content.
Extra radios to assist construct the clever security environment.
In reverse compatibility with all previous Arlo camera.

Magnetic Mounting

The mounting technique is  of the Arlo Ultra is entirely different from the previous Arlo wire-free electronic cameras. The new magnetic install is concave and fits perfectly with the shape of the back of the video camera. This allows a more accurate fit in between the install and camera, and it enables brand-new ways to mount the Arlo Ultra cam, including: walls, tabletops, and ceilings. The strong magnetic force in between Arlo Ultra and the mount provides peace of mind that the electronic camera will stay in position.

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Arlo Camera Offline Troubleshooting

New Design

New disign is updated and Arlo Ultra is made of two parts. The electronic camera and battery are together in one part, and the electronic camera housing functions as a protective shell in a second part. This brand-new, modular system enables you to swap the batteries, mount to a wall install and connect to a charger with more ease than ever in the past.

Customized Activity Zones

You can now develop more-precise activity zones with Arlo Ultra. Activity zones can be personalized with eight anchor points so that you can switch between approximately five activity zones without having them all active at once.

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Built in Siren

Arlo Ultra comes with a built-in wise siren which is new Features of Arlo Ultra and it can be activated from another location or instantly as a mode for the electronic camera.

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1year Arlo Smart Membership

If you buy an Arlo Ultra video camera and SmartHub, a complimentary, 1 year Arlo Smart subscription is included.

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