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DreamBox (DB) Short Description

DreamBox (DB) is a live synergetic multimedia monitoring system for homeland security as well as general CCTV use. DreamBox, with its integrated ETX Pentium and 11 DSP’s, processes information such as video clip, sound and also data. This enables multiple users to view, assess in real-time, send, react, document, playback, smart-search, manage, debrief and archive concurrently in a safeguarded as well as redundant way. Each DB executes a variety of independent

processes which consist of video clip compression, audio/video transmission, electronic recording, material evaluation formulas (such as outdoor and also interior video motion discovery), digital/analog procurement, data transfer over several network types, integrated playback of video clip as well as audio, electronic switching in between cameras, videophone as well as safety administration software program integration to outside digital systems. All these functions are included inside one 2Ux19″ box.

DreamBox (DB) Objectives

1. Synergy – Consist of all the functions as well as parts of CCTV security system in one solitary box

2. Decrease the integration time required for a full solution

3. Reduce the uncertainty associated with pre-planning

4. Reduce the rate of the general CCTV protection network, system as well as framework cost

5. Reduce the setup time and also cables/fibers required

6. Enable complete data as well as network redundancy

7. Allow the sharing of sources between DB’s within a dispersed topology

DreamBox Built-In Digital Video Clip Recorder (DVR)

DreamBox, the clever electronic video clip and also sound recording service for protection applications, utilizes MPEG4 or H. 263, state-of-the-art video clip compression modern technology. Each DreamBox locally or over the network can record up to 30/25

(NTSC/PAL) Frames Per Second (FPS) on each of its 8 video inputs – offering complete D1(4 CIF) video clip resolution while needing much less storage room.

The DreamBox is developed for high degree, real-time recording, and enables managing the bit-rate, structure price as well as resolution, offering the individuals a highly

adjustable remedy. The variable framework rate for different areas in the same cam field-of-view cause an affordable option for recording and storage space of high structure rate with high resolution. The superior modern technology of the DB, which includes smart archiving as well as clever transmission capacity reduction algorithms, will significantly reduce storage requirements in high demand applications.

Additional Integrated Recording Features:

+MPEG4 or H. 263 video compression technology

– complete D1 (4 CIF), 30/25 FPS (NTSC/PAL) per input

+Integrated playback of audio and also video

+Localized and/or centralize archiving possibilities

+Connect numerous distributed DB devices and

document thousands of channels simultaneously

+Configurable pre and also post alarm per channel

+Storage reduction via variable frame rate for different areas in the exact same video camera field-of-view

+Built-in difficult discs (typical 500 GB)

+Removable hard disc

+Built-in RAID 1 redundancy

+Blog post Browse formula for rapid examination process

DreamBox Built-In Outdoor Video Activity Detection (VMD)

DreamBox’s advanced embedded discovery capacities and also broadband video clip handling are combined to ensure detection under numerous climate condition while considerably lowering the false alarm price associated with outside VMD.

With approximately 30 frames per second VMD handling per network (total of 120 FPS each), Desire Box masters the discovery of really quick movement.

27,000 discovery cells enable the detection of extremely little items, and when integrated with a programmable 3D topographic map, can easily identify between small things and also partly hid targets. DreamBox’s ingrained VMD formula is Magal’s next generation VMD formula. The formula was specifically designed for exterior applications as well as can all at once identifying and tracking numerous targets per video camera. Trespassers are displayed as well as tracked by a color course. The special neglected item detection formula is an optional feature which permits for baggage discovery, car discovery, intrusion detection and also various other content analysis circumstances.

DreamBox Built-In Digital CCTV Matrix Switcher

DreamBox utilizes online sound as well as video connection capacities for limitless connection mixes. The integrated Matrix Switcher uses PTZ control over the connect with restricted hold-ups (80-250 ms), programmable tours for switching

between electronic cameras as well as color overlay over analog and also VGA screens (complete or quad). The DB creates alarms when there is a video clip stop working or covered cam. The built-in alarm system excursion makes it possible for the simultaneous discussion of alarm photos and

video clips of numerous events.

DreamBox Built-In Safety Administration System

The safety management system is a sophisticated live control and also display system, which incorporates a wide selection of protection parts making use of distributed SQL databases based upon the Linux operating system. The icon permits several operators with ordered multilevel operation

in any type of language. An active scheduler is included for an automated response to a broad mix of safety circumstances. Each DreamBox can work as an individual workstation. Establishing the system can be done from any type of DreamBox on the network through authorized workers with secured passwords.

DreamBox Built-In Transmission System

DreamBox makes use of MPEG4/H.263 video clip compression and audio to maximize network data transfer for quickly, reliable and also budget-friendly procedure. The DB has all the necessary elements for a full network course, consisting of Encoding, Switching, Routing,

Fiber Optic Transceivers, Decoding and also Changing to Analog and also VGA Monitors in the nerve center or other control spaces.

Additional DreamBox Advantages

Streamlined Integration

Cord Reduction

DreamBox’s all-in-one protection idea guarantees that all its parts are completely integrated therefore considerably reducing the amount of cabling called for.

Physical Integration

DreamBox individual pleasant software changes the physical connections required in between electronic cameras, gamers, recorders, matrices and administration systems.

Software application Integration

DreamBox software program is created to cost-free users from the obstacles generally encountered in a security assimilation procedure; including the integration of non-standard protocols and also the requirement for compatibility with older versions (not to mention

the decrease of the settlement stage between suppliers).

Modular & Straightforward Upkeep and Service

DreamBox modular and scalable all inclusive design guarantees easy and also expense effective stock monitoring and decreased maintenance costs.


The backing up of data, such as video footage, is essential to any type of CCTV installation. With this in mind, the built-in RAID 1 storage unit enables for total back-up redundancy to any type of DreamBox linked to the network.

No Central Server

DreamBox does not need a main web server to run. The systems are linked in a shut loop system, which indicates there is no solitary point of failure. This more boosts the optimum fail risk-free features of the system. The shut loop design enables the instant discovery of malfunctioning or cut wires, while

automatically developing alternative courses. Identical processing as well as source sharing permit DreamBox to complete intricate safety and security jobs effortlessly as well as share information in between various other DB’s.

Linux Operating System

Linux, which is the DreamBox operating system, allows true multitasking procedure which substantially reduces computer downtime.

Smart Algorithms

Smart Data Transfer Reduction Formula as well as Smart Archiving Algorithm allow customers to immediately minimize their storage space needs.

Infrastructure Services

DreamBox consists of integrated infrastructure parts and methods which get rid of the requirement for dedicated infrastructure components. These services consist of RS232, TTL (in and out), and also analog (in as well as out).

Added Applications

Other ingrained safety and security applications consist of: intercom, public address, voice emptying, alarm as well as videophone aid factors.

Network Topology

DreamBox units attached via a LAN Network, provide full website protection. The ring topology enables for stream circulation from point-to-point in two different paths, achieving integral backup. Each DreamBox can serve both as a CCTV field device and as an individual workstation with no requirement for a dedicated viewing station.

The DB dispersed SQL database can initiate parallel database query processing with specific DB’s mining their very own data sources – the combined outcomes promptly being shown to the Arlo Customer Service.

DreamBox Architecture:

Adaptable Transmission

Multicast/Unicast/Broadcast – Several video transmission alternatives permit optimal exploitation of network bandwidth.

Integrated Network Components

Each DreamBox includes a built in ethernet button, router, fiber optic transceivers as well as a video clip server. Traditionally these elements come as exterior add-on to a CCTV protection system. The constructed in network components permit secure as well as efficient control of information processing.

About Magal (DreamBox Manufacturer)

Magal’s shares are publicly traded on the NASDAQ National Market because 1993 and in Israel on the Tel-Aviv Supply Exchange (TASE) because July 2001, in both under the symbol MAGS. Magal is dedicated to bringing proven experience, personal interest and a fresh strategy to every protection difficulty.

Arlo Customer Support Phone Number

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