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Let’s discuss the Battery life of Arlo Pro and other line of Alro security systems batteries

Battery life of Arlo Pro

The Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and the brand-new Arlo Ultra house security video camera systems are our suggested options for a total and easy to setup. One of the reasons these systems are so helpful is since they can operate 100% wire-free. It enables you install (and relocation) the cams with ease. in this article we will discuss Battery life of Arlo Pro.

You can cover any area you need– as long as you have Wifi signal.

However, wire-free also means batteries– lots of batteries.

Let’s take a look at Arlo Pro batteries , how to use rechargeable batteries for maximum advantage,. What to do when we need replacement batteries.

Battery life of Arlo Pro

The length of time do the Arlo Pro batteries last?

Battery life of Arlo Pro

This question is made complex because of couple of reasons.

First of all, the Arlo line of video cameras are triggered by motion or audio triggers. It only record once it  triggered.

This implies they are pretty effective– they aren’t constantly recording (and having to send that video to “the cloud”).

Secondly, the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Ultra line use high capacity Li-ion batteries.

This is a advanced battery innovation. Just like that used in the most powerful smartphones and notebook computer.

However what does all this mean for Arlo battery life?

The battery life is depend on how frequently the electronic cameras are triggered

For example, if your Arlo electronic camera is mounted with a view of the road, every death car may activate the motion detection. Depending upon traffic, you might just get 2 weeks from a complete battery charge, or less.

Second of all, temperature can affect Li-ion battery performance significantly. The colder it is, the quicker the charge will drop.

Therefore the battery life you see will vary.

However, thanks to those high capability advanced Li-ion batteries a common electronic camera battery life is determined in weeks or even months!

And that’s pretty good– particularly considering the incredible things these video cameras can do.

How to maximize Battery life of Arlo Pro

how can we maximize the life in our Arlo Pro battry?

To start with, place the electronic camera such that it has the greatest possibility of finding the proper motion– you don’t desire electronic cameras that set off every time the wind blows, for example.

There are also configurable battery life modes in the camera settings.

There are 3 different Power Management settings.

The very best Video setting will provide the very best video resolution, but may drain more battery.

The initial Arlo cameras use CR123A batteries– which is a standard kind element of battery.

You can get these batteries from a variety of sources.

So, if you require rechargeable batteries for an only Arlo system you need the CR123A style of battery.

For Arlo users, we advise the Keenstone Rechargeable RCR123A Battery with 8 Slot Battery charger set (Purchase on Amazon).

The “R” in the name shows these are rechargeable.

This pack includes 8 rechargeable batteries that remain in CR123A type factor– but it likewise includes an 8 slot battery charger.

This is fantastic, due to the fact that the Arlo video cameras require 4 batteries each. This means you can charge 2 camera’s worth of batteries at a single time.

Is this product costly? Yes– but these are rechargeable batteries– you’ll utilize them over and over again.

By the way, the fact that the Arlo Pro line utilizes one huge, long-term battery is what we like about that line. I ‘d rather not handle the trouble of several batteries per electronic camera.

Arlo Pro Rechargeable Batteries

Let’s take a look at Arlo Pro replacement batteries.Why would you require replacement batteries?

Buy Arlo batteries from best buy

To start with, the Li-ion batteries used in the Arlo Pro line will wear out eventually. You might need replacements.

Over time, their capability to hold a charge will deteriorate– and they will ultimately have to be replaced.

Secondly,if you have  extra set of batteries yhen it helps you to charge extra batteries and keep your electronic cameras running.

The Arlo Pro take an exclusive battery shapes and size. So, your best option for an Arlo Pro replacement battery is the Rechargeable Battery.

Both the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cams use the very same battery design.

There are no aftermarket battery alternatives for the Arlo at this time.

And, if you wish to prevent cam downtime– keep a spare battery on hand.

That way you can swap batteries rapidly.

You can charge batteries utilizing the “wall wart” charger and micro-USB cable consisted of with your Arlo Pro system.

But a quick charging station will let you charge numerous batteries quickly.

We recommend the Arlo Charging Station (Buy on Amazon).

This system will let you charge two batteries simultaneously.

And, it utilizes quickly charging technology to provide you as much as 4x much faster charging and makes Battery life of Arlo Pro very good.

How to prevent charging Arlo batteries completely

Fed up with recharging batteries? Here’s two alternatives.

First of all, did you know that there are solar charging panels  for your Arlo smart security cams?

These useful gadgets imitate a drip battery charger. They’ll guarantee the battery stays complemented with simply a few hours of direct sunlight each day.

These are a great option when your cameras are mounted outdoors, and near the roof line

Secondly you can utilize devices such as the Weatherproof 25ft/7.6 m Arlo Cable televisionand the Wasserstein Quick USB battery charger to successfully “hard wire” your electronic camera to a power source.

How does this work? Just plug in the fast battery charger into an electric outlet, and attach the Wasserstein cable television.

Naturally this presumes you have an electric outlet within close reach.

More about Battery life of Arlo Pro

The brand-new Arlo Ultra line of electronic cameras are remarkable.

They have actually taken whatever you enjoy about the Arlo cameras– easy wire-free installation and outstanding image quality.

The Arlo Ultra have lovely 4K Ultra High Def video and a nightime security flood light constructed right in!

Of course, powering this innovative tech takes more electricity.

This requires a new battery that is NOT compatible with the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.

So, if you are searching for a spare battery for the Arlo Ultra camera, be sure to get the Arlo Ultra Rechargeable Battery.

This high-powered battery is made specifically for the Arlo Ultra electronic camera line.

This also implies you’ll need a various sort of fast battery charger.

The Arlo Ultra Double Battery Charger (Buy on Amazon) is what you require for rapidly recharging approximately two Arlo Ultra batteries at a time. Know more at Arlo Support Number.

We constantly recommend you have a spare battery offered– and you utilize a fast battery charger.

And while Li-Ion batteries will last for hundreds of charge cycles– they will break ultimately. Contact Arlo Customer service for further assistance.

Don’t run the risk of a space in video coverage, be sure to have a spare battery on hand.

In Summary

The 100% wire-free mode of the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 systems are the trick to their versatility and ease of setup.

But, it also means batteries– great deals of batteries.

With the right devices and rechargeable batteries you can lessen this chore.

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